Trembesi Wood or Suar Wood

Trembesi Wood or Suar Wood is one of the typical wood from the tropics of ‌‌Indonesia. Trembesi wood has good commercial value on the market.

Trembesi wood is spread across several islands in Indonesia such as Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Maluku and Nusa Tenggara.

Furniture made of trembesi wood has special features, which further highlight the impression of robustness in the design.

There are a lot of names of trembesi wood. It known as the Monkey Pod, Rain Tree, Giant Thibet, East Indian Walnut, Cow Tamarind and Soar Wood.

Trembesi wood is heavy wood species, as well as acacia wood or teak wood. The average density of this trembesi wood is 0.60, which means it is quite heavy.

Each region calls this wood a different name, as in most people, it commonly calls it Trembesi Wood, but in the area of ‌‌Bali it is called Kayu Suar, in Jogja it is called Kayu Munggur, and in Jepara people call it Kayu Meh and ancient people called  it Joko Doormat because of its large size.

Although sometimes people tends to prefer teak wood furniture, however, trembesi wood furniture is very popular in the export market because the furniture made of trembesi wood is very unique, besides a wood fiber, its natural form, and a style similar to this teak wood can be finished natural without color so it looks a very beautiful combination of brown and white.