Ikot Hanging Lamp Large with Seashell
SKU: L-19-25-041

Ikot Hanging Lamp Large with Seashell

Height, cm: 47
Width, cm: 63
Length Depth, cm: 63
Volume, m3: 0,21
Style: Minimalist
A single item. Fiberglass with Seashell. Price depends on order quantity. Packaging: carton box
Shipping and payment
Terms and conditions:

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) - 10 pieces or 5  sets of each item.

Mixed order 1x20ft container. 

Standard delivery time - 12 weeks after payment.

Payment: Telegraphic Transfer (TT) with 40% deposit and 60% balance prior loading.

Price: FOB + CIF price to your port (extra charge).