Blanco Espresso Signature
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Blanco Espresso Signature

Blanco Espresso Signature is a blend of Blanco Roastery that is suitable for meeting the business needs of coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels. Blanco Espresso Signature is suitable for all beverage businesses that use an espresso base. The Blanco Espresso Signature uses 100% Arabica coffee beans originating from Sumatra and Sulawesi, so it has a sweet, fragrant, thick flavor and produces good extraction of crema. Notes: brown sugar, jasmine, sweet orange, chocolate aftertaste. COFFEE MILL REQUEST. COFFEE BEANS is DEFAULT option. Chose the option of Grinding method for your coffee: - COFFEE BEANS - Coarse Grind (Tubruk, French Press) - Medium Grind (Pour Over, Aero Press, Drip Brewer, Siphon) - Fine Grind (Turkish Coffee, Espresso *)
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